Young Generation and Creative Economy in Indonesia

Before  my speech, i want to say…

Terima kasih, thank you so much, thank you, everybody.  For this chance. Selamat Sore. It is wonderful to be here.  And I am proud with my campus, maybe the others feel that, as an academic from one of Indonesia’s leading university, Gadjah Mada University consistenty create to masterpieces is what Wisdom represents

Second, thank you so much for the committee and especially Prof. Sudjarwadi about your hospitality. For all speakers and participants, enjoy Yogya, because Yogya is Never Ending Asia.

Ayo ke Jogja…Gudeg, Bakpia, etc.. stay tune..always online together..Like Bakso2x…Sate2x (i remember obama said that in his interview and when he arrived in Indonesia..hehe)

Assalamualaikum, Salam Sejahtera

Today, i will explain about young generation, creative economy and their  relationship in support capital to empowerment.

When a state was proclaimed, the founding fathers dream can see its people can live prosperous. The dream was born from the womb of a generation’s best. Now They have none. However, the dream that was born immortal remains. He was faithful to the promise of voice, charge that haven’t gotten around to fullfil.

The task now is on the shoulders of his generation. Old, young, young, anyone. Because of this shared responsibility, collective challenges a nation. The forward, admittedly more complex issues facing. It takes smart minds, hard work, and a sincere heart so that the road traveled may produce a variety of opportunities.

This is a change in the gap was born. Created and processed in such a way by them, creative people. Its clear, vision and action that are synergistic and strategic. Keep moving through the discourse and innovative work while remaining solution. This needs to be ensured, so that the spirit and the benefits brought by the previous generation, can be ‘ fire ‘ that drives and not just inherited.

Today we are trying to bridge the paradigm, cultural, and work ethic of the world. All of which stand on behalf of the universal values of humanity that is often overlooked. One of the values in question are well being. He is more often heard as promises rather than perceived as proof.

With the theme of local wisdom, inspiring global solution, this Conference has a sublime mission to bring the total well-being. And it turned out to back the Mission created by the campus community to see the world getting short of expectations.

The figure of Prof. Stanley Ann Dunham Mubyarto and provides its own description for us as people of Academica, consistently providing inspiration and solutions. The thought and work that has been able to answer the problem they provide community through alternative approaches. One of them, we can be aware of how they understand community village as a subject that has a high ability to independently. Its resources already exist, live together in accordance with its uniqueness is maintained. Ideally, the participatory approach used to solutions that are used do not cause problems.

Things like this should be continued through Star Wars is good on campus. It is very difficult for us currently awaiting the birth of people like them. Therefore, passing campus initiative as well as other intervention curriculum policy gave birth to smart people and has already entered the phase of the partisanship of non-urgent matters.

A lot of smart people, but in the present numbers are less and less in favour and have a commitment with the community. The fusion of them need to be supported so that they are able to think beyond themselves. This means that during this phase of existence to be a separate issue for young people, can be directed towards more productive. Although the results have not been materially visible, but, they’ve been granted investment to do given their role in the future.

Intelligent and independent generation

Intellectual capital is important, but if it stands alone with no support other social capital, such as financial, spiritual, and won’t be able to produce real change. This spirit will spread widely when tempestuous and get involved on campus. Among them was the facilitator for the merging of the parties who have the capital. This idea is not backed by the other, because many of the results of the research and findings on the campus of wasted. It is not useful if the process as its parameters. However, when the result is a benchmark in productivity, the campus hasn’t been able to translate this role optimally.

In the future, we need a new breed of tough, which is not only smart but also independent. Two keywords is relevant considering the problem of corruption is membelenggu powerful in this nation. At least that the intelligence and autonomy mean being able to slap on the assumption that there are significant differences in the future about the future of how the country’s future is maintained.

The figure appears to really be able to stand firm and just think how to be a figure always beneficial to the community. The context is increasingly relevant to government’s efforts in promoting the creative economy in building the nation’s economic fundamentals in the future. These efforts demonstrate the seriousness of the parties to provide a place for the development of human resources (HR) as currently, the base of human resources had not been optimally managed as assets, as well as an understanding of natural resources (SDA) is maintained. This transformation was encouraging in the midst of increasingly limited capabilities of the SDA in accommodating the well-being.

Creative Economy and The Chance

In the past, academia frequently serves as an ideal intellectual. Where the sacred mission which brought enlightenment to the mess is a task that is often and will occur in the community. Today, however, where the complexity of the problem, it needs to be more multiple re-orientation of this sacred mission. The role in which the function is realized, is no longer limited to person but also actors who are responsible for ensuring the idea, ideas, and ideals generated by being able to be understood and acted upon together.

The realization of this role will be a lot of changing conditions. Because smart people is entrenched and finally asked involved understand the context around it. This is important and becomes a major part of the series continuation of the alleviation of the problem of our prosperity. There are no more restrictions, limits, or barrier that often formed as a partnership with ‘ smart people ‘ was realized. The Division of tasks and functions of the liquid and facilitate the birth of his and the spirit of togetherness.

According to John Howkins in The Creative Economy: How People Make Money From Ideas, the creative economy is defined as all economic activity that makes the creativity (intellectual property), culture and cultural heritage and the environment as a focus of the future. The essence of creativity is the idea. With the potential wealth of human and cultural variety, Indonesia has a chance to talk further because of the authorized capital to start already owned.

Capital Commitments Of The Parties As The Foundation For The Development Of The Creative Economy

There has been no form of appropriate financing schemes to develop the creative economy. This led to the banking and financing institutions instead of the bank to determine the difficulty guarantee. Guarantee of creative industries, which form was introduced as an idea, thought to be still not acceptable that many of the creative industries are sometimes put into the category of SMES that are considered more acceptable because pembiayaannya already targeted advertising scheme.

Therefore, the commitment of the parties is meant more to how they were able to bring the capital at the beginning as the certainty of stimulus for the management of a better idea. Without that support, the development of creative economy will experience many barriers. It is not easy indeed start and at the expense of a resource that is owned. But, rest assured there is a lot of opportunities to attend. People savvy is necessary because experience has not been a lot of mentorship. These initiatives are needed to advance Indonesia even the world. Kepeduliaan of those who feel themselves able to do something to it. Big or small, sooner or later the effect it has, today the world needs a change.

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb*

*My Closing Speech in Wisdom World Conference 2010


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